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California whitewater rafting

Tuesday, February 28, 2006
Photography & National Parks

Photos and images rafting and nature in general, really all sites animated adventure sports. Looking at the pictures of rivers, streams and really support the old adage, "A picture is worth a thousand words!" In the latest edition of Outdoor Photographer, David Meunch is starring alongside her latest book, "Our National Parks," a beautiful picture book about our national treasures. He talks about his favorite places to work and photography and imaging is just stunned.

Our national park system began in 1916 when Congress placed Yellowstone National Park under the protection of the National Park Service. What makes this book so important today is the proposal of our current administration to the reality of "sell-off" National Park land to pay our debts in our country today. This is alarming to the extent that these national treasures will never be replaced.

Photographers and our national parks and all natural places in our country have worked hand in hand to bring imaging to the population. For those of you who may never see all the parks in your lifetime, Meunch the book is a revelation. We need more photographers to help remind the public how our precious natural resources are really, and we push gently to the protection of those resources for future generations.

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Friday 24 2006
Rafting and the Zen of Making Cookies

Rafting and the Zen of making biscuits ... I read this interesting article about Zen Professor Edward Espe Brown, an author of numerous cookbooks inspired zen. Here's what he wrote: "When I started cooking ... I had a problem. I coudn't get my biscuits come out the way they were supposed to. I would like to follow the recipe and try variations, but nothing worked ... Growing up, I made two kinds of cookies. One was Bisquick and one from Pillsbury. For the Bisquick, you added in the mixture of milk and then blobbed tablespoons dough on the pan of biscuits ... Pillsbury came in kind of a carton ... I really liked the Pillsbury biscuits. Is this not what cookies should taste ... Finally, one day, came a shift-in-place, an awakening. "No law" Compared to what? Oh, my word, I try to make canned Pillsbury biscuits! Then came a delicious moment of my actually tasting biscuits without comparing them with a standard previously hidden ... These opportunities can be so surprising, therefore Liberator, these moments when you realize your life is very much as it is, thank you ... Try to produce a biscuit - a life - without bowls sales, no feelings, no depresssion, not anger, was so frustrating. Then Savourant, actually tasting the present moment of the experience - how much more complex and multifaceted. "

Mr. Brown goes on to say, "We have done everything, trying to give a good image as a husband, wife or parent. Trying to achieve perfection. Trying to make Pillsbury biscuits. "As WET River Rafting Trips between its 29th season, we are always trying to perfect our river trips, but better yet, we try to enjoy life and rafting as it is.
By Edward Espe Brown, Zen master extraordinaire!

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006
Watch the Olympics 2006

We watched the Olympics and marveling at the athletes. This seat activity is at its best! Not many of us can, like Bode Miller skiing or snowboarding as Shaun White. So, we look at and we are surprised and we dream of the past athletic achievements in our own time. We like to keep a hand in the thrill taking a tour of whitewater rafting, kayaking or in the sea, or the exploration of a climbing wall, or simply go fast on a motorcycle. We are all thrill seekers. Researchers from adrenaline.

This spring, W.E.T. Commencera the North Fork American on March 18, which coincides with the start of the South Fork American. Spring weather has already happened and the anticipation of thrills and white water is closely approaching. We look forward to greeting our past guests and friends.

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Wednesday 08 February 2006
Wilderness River Trips

Inhabituellement warm days took place in central California. Yesterday reached 72 degrees in the valley. A blue sky, the sun and daffodils blooming everywhere! Spring comes quickly. This year, W.E.T. River Trips is equipped with several wild rivers including travel 2-day Middle American Fork for a great introduction to whitewater rafting and camping trips, day 2 South Fork American BLM on the campsite for Families with children who are preparing for trips lasting several days River 3; Middle American Fork day for camping, hiking and rafting trips, and 5 days Klamath River in the Great Northern California region.

Night wild rafting is a total joy of the first dip your paddle in the river, at the star-filled night on the beach camping at the wonderous sound of silence where no auditory assaults enter ears, the only sound you Camping hear everything on the river is the roar of white water while cascades over rocks. River time approaches, and each participant is slowing down to the sweetness of pumping rafts. No watches, no cell phone, not just mature and you and your family and friends floating and rafting with each other. This is a wild river trip.

Best bargain this year is 3 days or American River Combo 3 day Middle Fork American River trip. Just enough time for a real travel experience and the river just enough to acclimatize for the longer rafting trips in other parts of the country.

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Friday February 03, 2006
Teens Respect, Please!

W.E.T. River Trips is preparing for our first rafting trips next month. This will be a great year for families with children and youth sports. Some of our consultants help teens rafting here that we create new programs and activities for rafting. The other day, two of our consultants teen, ran in town doing errands for the company. Long day made for a large number of courses while we regrouped our business so that the gas has been registered and is being used effectively over time.

The two were in an old car with stickers in the rear window by advocating for the environment, vegetarianism, favorite bands, biking, rafting and ubitquous Apple sticker. No political statements, except for the total attitude, which of course these young Liberals were in flames. They had just left the post office and were sitting in the light, where a well-dressed middle-aged woman (at least the description that was given to me ... it might have been in the 30 years since all middle-aged adults look For teens!) At the wheel of a Lexus SUV ripped behind. The woman was sneering at them and the teenager driver could see that it was something mouth and pointing. Our teen driver could not know what was wrong, so that a recent version of the pilot, who was briefed by experienced drivers not to make eye contact with the weirdo driving population, we just ado expect to be brought before the light turns green. The woman behind it proceeded to go around and pull up beside the two teenagers. The woman then proceeded to yell at them and their stickers. Teenagers could not understand what was wrong, except that the woman was somewhat shocked really. When the light turned green, the woman rolled down his window, stuck his arm and proceeded to give them a bird in flight!

The two teenagers sat there and shocked when the SUV rolled by, they realized that they were still just sat there stunned. When they returned to our office, both came running to talk about this strange event. Both drivers were in the first year, and the two teenagers live in a protected environment rich lives. While the bird is returned frequently used among adolescents accompanied by the "F" word, they were shocked that only an adult to do this blatantly young adolescents. We all had a laugh, but some of us were really scared for them. Why in the world would an adult assault two young men on their car stickers? If the woman was shaken by these incursions young teenager trying to understand this complex world? Does vegetarianism something to be afraid or insult? Currently advocate for a clean and healthy environment by encouraging bicycle a sort of attack on someone poltiics?

How sad state when our young people can not even experiment with new ideas and thoughts. The funny thing is that these two teenagers go to a private Christian school. Their school focuses on giving back to the community by way of donations and time. Ces adolescents participent à des soupes populaires, ils donnent de leur temps précieux, tout en aidant avec les organismes sans but lucratif dans la ville, ils perçoivent des couches pour les enfants, ils vont à l'étranger pour aider à construire des logements pour les poor, and they are normal teenagers who were Blessed with a wonderful life.

As adults, we need to respect teens. Their lives are filled with turmoil. School, peer pressure, drugs, alcohol, boy / girl relationships, pending a college apps and parental relationships, it is difficult to overcome in adulthood. Respect teenagers because they are our future. W.E.T. The considers to be paddling our future customers and our rafting guides. You are hiring and working with them. You will need to include them in your family when your child goes with them. They will be your new young neighbor. They will elect our future politicians. Like a rafting company, we consider them an excellent addition to our river trips. They bring such excitement and joy with their new eyes. They are not bored as the rest of us, right now. Let them enjoy life and please respect them.

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