Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Travel to Philadelphia


This trip was one we were suppossed to be taken in March, but due to hold flights, we could not get on our flight. From working for the airlines is great, but it is not without falling. Be aware that this trip, as is the case with all our holidays, is where we try to see as many places as possible, as financial effectively as possible. If you're looking for luxury, the magazine May not help you.

Day 1

That was our travel day, but we were suppossed to arrive in Philly at around 1pm. Due to flight delays and missed flights from these delays, we did not arrive in town until 6pm, which really cut down on our time. We really wanted to get downtown while he was still obliged to get our bearings and see one or two things. However, this obviously has not worked. We got a lot through our airlines to stay at Ramada Inn near the airport in Philadelphia. It is not a new hotel, but the price was fantastic. Even their rate of $ 65 would have been good. As usual, we stayed on the downtown to save money. We would like to take the hotel ten minutes Shuttle (which was excellent, actually) and then take the R-1 train downtown.

A note for everyone. The railway system in Philadelphia is a nightmare. We did Vancouver, Boston, New York, etc, which is the worst. Not only avenues of confusion if you've never been there, but it seems that no one who works for the system has the capacity to help you. We bought Ticketson train and the conductor said that we wanted to go to downtown. He told off at the 30th Street station and go through the subway. We have clearly asked F This ticket purchased, we will all go. He said yes. When we started, we went to land on a weekend pass or spend a week we can get on and off throughout, for all the days we were there. Besides, we hoped that this May we put a little money. We spent about 10 minutes at a ticket booth while we have a blank gaze and a disapearance to ask a manager. The grand council that we finally got that worker? It May end up being cheaper to rent a car. We found our way to the subway, only to find out the tickets purchased, we do not work in the subway. You see, the rail system and subway, bus, etc. all work independently, despite sharing. The Subway Guy was quite nice to us and told us that the chef said was incorrect and that if we just stayed on the rail, it would essentially took us exactly where we wanted to go. My suggestion? Before going to go to the SEPTA site and try to figure it yourself. Similar to Boston, the site is a bit confusing, but you're spending more time trying to imagine it on the front. Do not rely on workers to be able to guide you correctly.

Once we had in town, we had a quick bite and managed to buy tickets for the Star Wars Exhibition for Friday evening. We like Star Wars and thought it be neat to see some of the underlying science. It turns out that Logan's Circle, St. Paul's Basilica, Benjamin Franklin and Franklin Memorial Institute are 2 minutes from each other and take about ten minutes to move. But we wanted to save as much as we could for the next day. Once we got tickets, the plan was to head down the fires of Liberty on the other end of the city. We had everything planned to get a bus, but after walking to the Franklin Institute of our tickets Star Wars, we realized the city was enough to walk. A 20-minute walk later and we were already there.

ImageLights of Liberty - Amazing light that integrates most historic buildings. It is a little expensive at $ 19.50 per adult, but a very interesting hour show, you walk in the city as you can see the images and sounds of the birth of America. My wife thought it was very good, but he did not know if it was worthe price. For me, a Canadian, my opinion is that while many countries are undoubtedly very patriotic, many are not that sort of thing. For example, Canadians are very patriotic and put on an incredible light show in the capital on Canada Day or other national events. This show is incredibly patriotic and is put on several times a week! To see the Decleration of Independence scroll up to Independence Hall and finally disappear waving the flag, is incredibly moving, whatever their nationality.

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