Monday, March 3, 2008

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Endoscopy centre closed by city
Friday, February 29, 2008
Endoscopy Center of Southern Nevada has had his license suspended by the city of 3 pm today, two days after announcing that former 40000 patients exposed to hepatitis C due to the reuse of syringes.

Three organizations, the Southern Nevada Health District, the State Bureau of Licensure and Certification and the Center for Disease Control, the centre of investigations after reports documents Dr Dipak Desai appointed as a Director of order medical personnel from engaging in risky practices in order to save some money. According to the survey, an officer with the CDC has publicly stated that the center has been so manifestly dangerous, it was comparable to "the wrong way to drive down the highway."

The suspension has no end date. A class action lawsuit has been filed against the center.

It is indeed deplorable that such negligence occurred for such an extended period of time. It just seems like the best way to get good health care is to stay healthy and not need.

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Deadly ricin found in Vegas Hotel
Friday, February 29, 2008
At about 3 am yesterday, an employee of the Extended Stay America hotel in the West and South Flamingo Valley View a substance found in one of the apartments. The substance proved to be 100 percent ricin, a highly lethal toxin. Three police officers, three employees of the hotel and one other person were taken to hospital for tests and observation. They have been found in good condition as of last night. The area surrounding the apartment was evacuated.

Ricin, which is made from castor beans crushed and used in cancer research, is 6000 times more toxic than cyanide if inahled or ingested. There is no known antidote and an amount about the size of a pinhead can be a lethal dose.

Homeland Security and the FBI are in the hotel, investigating with Metro. "This event does not appear to be linked to terrorism," a spokesman for the FBI Richard Kolko said in a statement. I find this interesting statement considering that there is no benign reason for the average person to carry a package around ricin. And I doubt cancer researchers and doctors stays low budget-Extended Stay hotel when they are in the city. Hopefully we will learn more as the investigation continues.

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