Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Travel Recommendations

Reconfirm all airline reservations at least 72 hours before departure. When you call the airline (s), be sure to request a special meal if you have any dietary concerns. You can also request a seat, or to change places when you call to reconfirm. If you do a lot of air travel abroad, consider enrolling in a frequent flyer program. Check with the United States in specific programs that you and see if you can earn credits abroad by flights on partner airlines.

Do you have any flights? If so, make sure you allow yourself enough time to make your connection. Some airports such as JFK Airport, New York, are enormous, and most people do not want to run a mile in less than five minutes with two suitcases and a carry-on bag. A minimum of three hours between flights is recommended - check with your airline or travel agent for advice. Also note that some cities have multiple airports - Paris has two airports, De Gaulle and Orly, the New York area has three, JFK, Newark and La Guardia, London has five. Make sure you already know that (s) your flights arrive and depart. Connection between airports is a hassle you want to avoid. If you miss a match, you have to be diverted by a representative of the airline at the airport - no one else can help you with this. You are responsible for all taxes due to voluntary or involuntary changes in your ticket.

Jet lag may be something that you will meet during the first few days after arrival overseas. Feelings of fatigue, disorientation, depression and / or nostalgia are the symptoms of jet lag and are completely normal. It will take several days before the jet lag is to overcome and adjustment to new environments and time zone is reached. Try to relax and take easily in the first few days in order to alleviate symptoms of jet lag. Avoid alcohol and drink plenty of water to reduce the effects of jet lag.

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